With the Human Capital system a player can purchase "Employees" from Manager-chan. Employees cost the amount of Stars they currently own (meaning a player can only purchase someone who is at least 1 Star poorer). Employers can themselves be purchased too, creating chains.

Match Profit

All star profit earned by winning matches are transferred from Employee to Owner through any Middle-Men in the chain without returning into the hands of the original match holders. Examples:

  • A owns B owns C
    • C wins against X: winnings go to A via B
    • C wins against B: winnings stay with C
    • C wins against A: winnings go to B
  • A owns B owns C owns A
    • A wins against X: winnings go to B via C
    • A wins against C: winnings stay with A
    • A wins against B: winnings go to C

This takes priority over Debt obligations.

Owners Rights

The ownership of an Employee comes with the following rights...

  • Exclusive ownership of an Employee (a player cannot have 2 direct owners).
  • Can trade their Employees in Meetings. (If an Employee is traded to itself, the Employee is freed.)
  • Can force Employees into joining matches of waiting players.
  • Can send their Employees private messages at any time (via their profile) without needing to use Dog Suit.
  • Will receive the Stars of an Employee who exits the game unnaturally (quits or lags out).
  • Will receive the Cards of an Employee who exits the game via losing their Stars.
  • Will receive the owned players of their Employee (a Middle-Man) who exits the game.

Slaves Rights

Being owned comes with the following rights (and restrictions)...

  • Freed on exit of Owner (if Owner was not a Middle-Man).
  • When at 1 Star, Employees are given updates on the full info of their Owner.
  • Trading functionality is unchanged, all gains from Trading are kept.